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Ava's Wedding & Party Decor

Pampas Grass

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Stunning Faux Pampas Grass 

Create a dreamy and elegant atmosphere with our exquisite faux pampas grass! Perfect for weddings, events, home decor, and more, these beautiful pieces will add a touch of sophistication to any space.

  • Size: 43 Inches / 100 centimeters
  • DIY Shaping Height: Our tall pampas grass can be assembled to different heights to suit your decoration needs and transports easily!
  • Fluffy Pampas Grass: Faux pampas grass is made from soft silk, metallic wire, and paper, using delicate hand craftsmanship. The feathers are full and fluffy for a more natural look. Unlike dried pampas grass, artificial pampas grass do not shed or disappear over time!

These faux pampas grass stems are versatile and can be shaped and styled to fit your specific vision. Whether you're aiming for a boho chic vibe or a minimalist aesthetic, these pampas grass pieces are the perfect addition to your decor.